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The 2010 Country and Western Festival:- 23rd September - 3rd October
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Northam Farm Country & Western Festival 2016
(Click here to view 2016 C&W photo galley)

Howdy All!

Once again, we have had a very successful festival. With the exception of the first Saturday when it rained, the weather was kind to us. The holiday park was full to capacity with touring caravans, motorhomes, tents and tepees and from wherever you stood you could see the colourful Western flags fluttering in the breeze. There was a wonderful atmosphere on the holiday park as well as at our extremely busy entertainment venues; The Seagull, The Staging Post and Scotty’s.

The costumes and regalia were wonderful from the Native Americans to the surly cowboys and the elegant townsfolk. It’s a wonder we ever get any work done in Reception as there is always someone shouting out “look at that” and all eyes turn to admire the effort you all go to.

Everybody enjoyed the shootouts and joining in with the Lawmen and once again we had the Bucking Bronco on the park, thankfully bandages and liniment were not required.

The Charity Car Boot Sale was a big success, aided by good weather. It was very busy with people looking for that special bargain. The Diner was very busy with breakfasts and teas and coffees. As last year, Luverne supervised the setting up of the Sale; if Luverne said to put your table there and you didn’t, you were soon made to move it! Go girl! Don’t mess with our Luverne!

Reception was once again decorated with flags and memorabilia and the girls’ enjoyed dressing up every day.

Jenny Two Feathers unfortunately had mislaid her feathers but still threw herself into the festival with gay abandon. It was commented however, that the sound of squealing ducks could be heard in the dead of night! Ouch!

We think that Judy Clinking Bottles may have been in rehab since last year. She kept saying that she was going on holiday, yet again!!! But then she still staggered through the festival with a glazed expression on her face and in a world of her own. So maybe she did go on holiday after all and that’s just her? Poor dear!

Sue the Wanderer, who is usually seen wandering aimlessly around the holiday park peering at tickets, (strange hobby) was only there for the first few days as she decided that she would go on holiday. She kept talking about “Wendy” so maybe she went to Neverland? Let’s hope she went by airplane and didn’t use any fairy dust.

This year, Sonia was a bit more restrained with buying up everything in sight. She really has an obsession with wolves but that’s what happens when you watch too much Twilight!

The new girls, Nicki and Tasmin particularly enjoyed the festival never having experienced anything like it before. It’s hard to truly get over what a huge event it is until you see it for yourself..

You have to feel sorry for David Two Rivers who tries to keep us all in order as he thinks he is in charge but we know different!

Entertainment in all our venues was of an incredibly high standard and totally worthy of mention are these artists.

New to The Seagull were Curtis and Lee, The Indians, Clear Cut and Gone Country. Returning favourites were Adam Carter as Elvis, CNN award winner Kay D, Texas Tornados, award winner Chris Mezza, Texas Gun, Stone Cold Country, The Henry Smith Band and The Dusty Rhodes Band.

Performing in Scotty’s the show opened with the ever popular Smokey Mountain Boys.

And after the weekend, excellent country and comedy from The Thornhills, with first appearances from Blood Brothers, Best of Friends, Kentucky Rain and Deserts Star were enjoyed by all. Not to mention, award winning Trey Jackson who stole the show with his performance.

In The Staging Post, playing to packed audiences every day were favourites, Ben Thompson, Annalee West, Hayden Allen, Barefoot and Crazy, Carolann B and Steve Raymond.

A big thank you to Mal and Jan for everything they do. They don’t only host but also work very hard through the year helping to put the festival together. And of course, thank you to Kevin and Rachael for doing a superb job hosting Scotty’s.

Our usual thank you to the Traders in the Marquees at The Seagull and at Scotty’s and on Northam Farm. Once again we had a few new faces this year who joined our loyal regulars. There were plenty of bargains to be had from flags, music, memorabilia as well as authentic costumes and jewellery and much more.

Our chosen Festival Charity this year was BARB (Burnham Area Rescue Boat). We had collections throughout the festival and our annual Raffle and Auction was held on Thursday. We are pleased to announce that we have raised an absolutely brilliant £4138.00. A massive thank you to everybody who contributed.

So, it’s all over for another year. The flags have gone, the tents removed and everyone has gone home. Thank you to you all for making the Festival what it is today. It takes a lot of organising but you make it all worthwhile.

We’ve already started organising for next year so don’t forget to join us; you will be most welcome. The photos of this years’ festival will be on this webpage shortly.

And remember, nature gave us something to fall back on and sooner or later we all land flat on it!

Dates for 2017 Festival: Thursday 28th September to Sunday 8th October


The Seagull Inn  
The Seagull Inn For more information on next years festival click here
The Seagull Inn  


The Seagull Inn  
The Seagull Inn For more information on next years festival click here
The Seagull Inn  
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