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Budget, don't compromise

You can't put a price on happiness. But when you’re just starting out caravanning, or have tired with buying second hand, budgets can have a nasty way of forcing compromise on you. We wanted to give everyone the thrill of owning and enjoying their own new caravan, so we came up with the Xplore range. Xplore caravans are designed to take to the road effortlessly. They’re exceptionally easy to handle for even the novice caravanner. Craftsman built and fitted without compromise to suit your budget, any one of the range will bring you years of happiness.

Features which rise above the standard
An Xplore caravan is designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Our designers have carefully selected the right combination of quality materials, aesthetics and well-known branded fixtures and fittings. From the moment you step inside you know they've got it right. Bright, welcoming colours, rich natural textures, comfy sprung seating and contemporary palates of glass and steel blend to create a space that belies your Xplore's affordability.

Select ingredients from the exceptionally spacious Thetford fridge. Double up your work space with the "Chinchilla" hob and sink covers, which multi-task as heat-proof, shatterproof chopping boards. Prepare meals to set the tastebuds alight with the new Spinflo multi-function hob and oven units. You'll soon get used to the high standards which make life that much easier in your Xplore!

Xplore caravans are built for freedom. Taking to the road should be a joy and you'll find it is with the light aerodynamic Xplore. Hooking up is effortless and handling a delight, thanks to the responsive BPW chassis. Once you’ve arrived, simply unhook, effortlessly wind down the stabilising legs and enjoy the whole of your holiday in comfort and style!

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